Friday, January 17, 2014

Poker chip assemblage necklace

Time to turn one of my poker chip assemblages into a necklace! I started this one by adding the hinge of the same vintage ruler to the poker chip. I liked it because it coordinated with the ruler piece on the chip. But, at this point, I really wasn't sure whether I liked it; the colors were too different. But I've learned to keep throwing stuff into the mix, and it usually will coalesce at some point in the future.

upcycled necklace

I added beads I made with vintage atlas pages and some recycled brass beads. Now the colors are complementing each other better.

assemblage necklace

Finally I added salvaged green beads and I was done.

upcycled necklace

I have a tendency to make shorter necklaces, so I thought this would be a chance to make a longer necklace. I think I succeeded, right?

upcycled jewelry

What do you think? More assemblage necklaces coming up!

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