Friday, January 3, 2014

Back at making jewelry

So I have definitely been off doing other things and neglecting this blog and my jewelry. But recently I went to the huge flea market here at the fairgrounds and bought a few goodies that definitely got me back in the creative groove. 

I got these great chandelier crystals. They're about an inch or more in diameter; so they're a great size. And I got them for a great price which I love.


I've had this half of a vintage belt buckle for a while. But I never had anything I wanted to pair it with...until I got the new crystals.

vintage navy buckle

I really liked how they looked together. I added some of my handmade beads created from vintage book pages. I have a thing for typography.

Here's a closer look at one of the upcycled book page beads.

recycled book page bead

 Finally I threw in recycled chain and beads from a mid-century necklace.

upcycled necklace

I think I'l call it the sailor and the lady. It reminds me of a ballroom in the first half of the twentieth century. With crystals chandeliers, sailors in uniforms, men in tuxedos, sparkling jewelry, and beautiful women with long gowns swinging. 

salvaged parts for necklace

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