Thursday, January 9, 2014

Poker chip assemblages

I bought a box of vintage poker chips a while back. I'm not sure what they are made of; they're definitely not plastic. I got inspired to create something with them this week and decided to make small assemblages.

This assemblage has part of a map from a 1950's atlas - the colors are so much better in old atlases. It's topped by an electric component that I bought at a fabulous estate sale that had a garage filled to the brim with all kinds of stuff. I went nuts. And my daughter bought a 1970's era poster-sized map from Tolkien's trilogy. 

(I have to add that this photo was shot at an angle that makes it appear that it's off-center. Don't worry; it isn't really.)

assemblage art

On this one I used some vintage sheet music and a slice of a vintage three-sided ruler.

upcycled art jewelry

More map and a rivet that I salvaged from an old belt. I really am a scavenger, aren't I? 

upcycled jewelry

This one has some paper that I marbled. You should have seen me on the porch marbling paper. I had rows of clothesline hung between the columns with all these marbled papers hung to dry. Wonder what my neighbors thought I was doing?

I topped the paper with an upcycled Lotto game piece. 

recycled jewelry

More marbled paper here. And a really cool salvaged piece - the green piece is from a theatrical costume made by a NYC firm tat went out of business in the Great Depression. So it's more than eighty years old. I think that's cool.

upcycled jewelry

Still more marbled paper and a piece I cut from a vintage carpenter's folding ruler. Love my bandsaw!

assemblage art

Coming up, I will show you what I made with these little assemblages.

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