Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bedlam in my Studio!

It's official - the mess in my studio has gotten totally out of control. It's time to put in some organizational effort. Believe it or not, there is a dining table under there. Yes I have taken over the entire dining room as my studio. (Or my lair as my son has dubbed it.) But when you live in a small house - under 2,000 sf - there aren't a lot of options.

the mess on the table in my studio

Usually there is some uncluttered surface on top of my printer's cabinets. My husband bought these cabinets for me, and I LOVE them. Before I had these, I couldn't get anything done because I could never find anything. I told my husband he was off the hook for gifts for the next five years. 

I keep an exercise ball in front of the cabinets. I can sit on it and go through all the drawers until I find what I need. 

my messy printer's cabinets

Time to get to work but I do love it when I'm organized!

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