Monday, February 11, 2013

From Amulet to Necklace

I love the colors on these little vials. I thought they'd be great for carrying a personal message, therefore I'm calling them amulets.

fiber arts decorated glass vials

So I picked a bright green sari silk and lace vial. It also has some yarn wrapped around it that has a hint of gold. So I decided to bring out the gold tone. I had a vintage gold mesh purse that had seen better days. I used a piece of the gold mesh and suspended the vial under it. I like how it turned out!

decorated recycled glass vial necklace with green sari silk

recycled fiber arts decorated glass vial

Next I picked a blue silk and vintage lace amulet. I happened to have (after years of collecting) several vintage light bulb covers. In the early 1900's electricity was still fairly new, and the ceiling light was often a bare bulb. Of course it was glaring. So people hung beaded covers over the bulb. I imagine it would have been quite pretty with the light shining through the glass beads.

I've also seen a few new beaded light covers in stores recently. I know Ornamentea here in Raleigh has some. By the way, Ornamentea is a great store for jewelry makers; their store displays are unique and gorgeous.

One of my beaded bulb covers has brightly colored beads in several colors. I'm not sure how old this one is but the metal definitely has some patina. I used some of the bulb cover to make part of the necklace for this amulet. I especially like the variation in the shades of yellow.

upcycled glass vial necklace with recycled fibers and beads

And I like how the blues and yellows play well together. Wouldn't this look great with a T-shirt in the summer?

recycled glass vial, fibers, and beads make a great necklace

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