Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Little History to go with Your Necklace?

 An asymmetrical necklace that is full of whimsy. When I started this one, I only knew that I wanted to make a very eclectic piece of jewelry.
assemblage necklace with antique parts - one of a kind

I started with the piece of the vintage carpenter's rule that I cut on my band saw, and then I added this button. When I saw the maker's name on the button, I had to Google it. Turns out this is a West Point uniform button from around the 1850's! It's over 150 years old, dating to the era of the American Indian Wars. What a great little piece of history.
antique brass military uniform button

I added other upcycled beads, salvaged faux pearls, and chain links. Then I added one of my handmade beads. Made by me out of pages from a vintage book, rolled, sealed, then hand wrapped in wire. 
eclectic handmade necklace from antique and recycled components

I just had to include one of these antique laundry pins. Made of brass that has developed a wonderful patina with age. 
antique brass laundry pin necklace part

I think I'll make a companion necklace tomorrow.
Upcycled assemblage necklace

I think I'll close with this picture from last night's First Friday here in Raleigh. This is at the Hargett Street Market in front of the Raleigh Times. I love the illuminated hula hoop.
First Friday

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