Friday, August 9, 2013

High Voltage Necklace

 I actually didn't start this necklace with the ammeter dial in mind. I started with the white glass beads. I just got this vintage glass bead necklace at the flea market and wanted to make a necklace with some of them.
high voltage assemblage necklace

 I had an idea in mind that I would make a necklace that was predominantly black and white. So I added the vintage chandelier crystals and the recycled dark pearls that have a wonderful iridescence. 
assemblage necklace with vintage ammeter dial

After I had made the main part of the necklace, I needed a focal point. That's when I saw this vintage ammeter dial in my drawers. But it still wasn't quite right, so I added the vintage cross. 
vintage ammeter dial

On the back, I added some extra chain to make the length adjustable. And a shiny bead to dangle down the back. I knew that was all it needed, and here's another look at the finished piece.
vintage recycled necklace

And here's a peek at my volunteer crepe myrtle in full bloom for the first time. This tree appeared in our yard a couple of years ago. I've discovered that if you have a railing or an arch where birds can perch, you will get volunteer trees. 
crepe myrtle

This tree will be wonderful in a few years providing shade for the sidewalk and stairs. But until then we have to duck when it rains. LOL!
crepe necklace

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