Friday, August 2, 2013

Cleopatra's Scarab Necklace

This is my latest creative effort. The perfect necklace for the contemporary Cleopatra. This gorgeous upcycled scarab piece was my focal point. I salvaged it from a 1920's era belt. 
recycled necklace assemblage with scarab

Part of this necklace is made from part of a vintage 1960's necklace. I also added the small vintage domino, recycled faux pearls, and faux coral chips.
antique scarab on brass filigree wit vintage domino necklace

I added some extra chain to make the length somewhat adjustable. And included a pearl dangle to adorn the back of the neck.
assemblage necklace from upcycled materials

Here's a closer look at the scarab. I love the filigree brass base. and the patina of age on the brass. Some of the paint has worn away over the years but that is only to be expected from a piece that is ninety years old. 
 close-up of scarab with brass filigree

All of this is made with upcycled materials except for the smallest chain and the clasp. I love reusing pieces that might otherwise wind up in someone's trash.
eclectic necklace with blue, red, pearl, and antiqued brass

In 1922 King Tut's tomb was discovered. This began a period of Egyptian Revival in jewelry design. Egyptian themes were common in jewelry and accessories. Winged sun disks, pyramids, hieroglyphs, and scarabs were common themes. 

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