Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What a beautiful breakfast!

I made this for breakfast this morning, and it was so lovely that I had to photograph it! 
English muffins for breakfast

This is a whole wheat English muffin topped with goat cheese. Toasted to soften the goat cheese. Then I spread the goat cheese and topped it with whole figs that I picked this morning. Stems removed, of course.  
Whole wheat English muffin with goat cheese and figs

Here is the other half of my English muffin spread with tapenade and topped with part of a slice of muenster cheese. Toasted til it is all melted and yummy. Absolutely delicious!
whole wheat English muffin with tapenade and muenster cheese

This is only the third year we have had figs to harvest. And the first year that we have had more than we can eat. So I am always looking for new ways to gobble them up!

I just found out that figs are related to mulberries. Which we also have in our yard.

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