Monday, August 5, 2013

Liquidambar Gallery Show Opening

 Today was the opening of the Liquidambar Gallery Show. The first time I ever exhibited a piece at a gallery. Here I am at the opening with my mixed media reliquary - the piece on top. 

Here's a better photo of the piece. It's based on a photo of my grandmother and father from the 1930's that I have always loved. You can read more about the evolution of this piece here.

The members of the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild are the featured artists at this show. And here we have more photos of the gallery and also of some of the other guild members. 

There was also musical accompaniment. 

Pittsboro on a Sunday afternoon was truly hopping. 

The picture on the left had sold before the show even officially started. Way to go, Jeanne!

More of the artworks... 

The potter who is also on exhibit was rather amazing. 

What fun!

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