Saturday, August 10, 2013

Alas, My Lord! one of a kind necklace

I just made this Victorian necklace. What a romantic piece!
Victorian assemblage necklace

First I made this pendant. It started with a recycled keychain and a rhinestone earring from a bag of jewelry that I bought at a yard sale last weekend. Then I went through my ephemera and found this lovely image of a woman. She is part of a page of a book published in 1917. The caption reads, "Alas! Of all the ships I see, is there never one that will bring my lord home?"
pendant with rhinestones and ephemera lady

The lady is staring out to sea at ships in the distance. So I added the ships she so longingly watches to the back of the pendant. And sealed all with artist's acrylic gel medium.
 the back of the pendant with vintage ephemera

I added beads recycled from vintage necklaces and from a vintage designer dress. The semi-precious stone is store-bought. All in all, it makes quite a romantic necklace.
Victorian assemblage necklace Alas, my Lord!

 Then I decided to make earrings to coordinate with the necklace. Therefore, I included a ship on one and a vintage monogrammed heart charm on the other. I like to think that it's the monogram of the lady. The heart symbolizes her aching heart.
Victorian assemblage earrings with heart and ship charms

And here they are together!
Victorian assemblage necklace and earrings

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