Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Liquidambar Gallery Show Entry

I am so excited! I just submitted a piece of mine for a show for the first time ever! 

Liquidambar is a gallery in Pittsboro, NC. The owner asked the members of the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild to submit pieces of art for possible hanging at her gallery. 
Liquidambar art gallery

So I worked on my Frances piece. You can read about it here and see more pictures. But here's a quick peek. I just dropped it off at the gallery today and am quite excited. The owner seemed pleased with it because she said everyone else had submitted paintings. I guess variety is a good thing in a gallery show. 
my assemblage art

I think pricing the piece may have been the hardest part. I have absolutely no idea where my price lies. I almost just picked a number. I find that as a newbie I tend to undervalue my work. Also I am a major league cheapskate so I have little frame of reference for what most people are willing to spend. In fact I am gobsmacked by what many people spend. 

Here are a few pictures of Pittsboro which is a very pretty small town. This is the 1881 courthouse that burned a few years ago. Fortunately it was restored and reopened earlier this year.
historic Pittsboro courthouse

Quaint little downtown
downtown Pittsboro

with some great little shops.
Pittsboro downtown shops

 I was curious about the name of the gallery and had guessed that it was an invented name. Then I Googled the gallery name to look up their hours and hit upon many pages on Liquidambar. Turns out it's the species of the sweet gum tree. Ergo this sign.
Liquidambar art gallery sign

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