Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Few More Pretty Victorian Earrings

Hey there. Yes, I'm a Southerner so I say 'hey'. Anyway, I just made a few more Victorian inspired earrings. So let's take a look.

I started on this piece with a pair of prong set moonstone clip-on earrings. I removed the clip on and added the fishhook ear wire. Then I layered chain with vintage chandelier crystals with long filigree pieces finished with pearls topped with small crystals. All recycled except for the small crystals.
assemblage earrings with upcycled filigree, recycled moonstone earrings, vintage crystals and pearls

 I used a different filigree piece for this one with blue pearls and faceted glass beads. All recycled.  
assemblage earrings with upcycled filigree, vintage crystal beads and pearls

Did you know that Greek and Etruscan filigree jewelry dates back to as early as 6th century BC? You can see them at the Louvre and the British Museum. The Louvre has some pieces online. Like this diadem, a kind of small crown. And these earrings. Aren't they gorgeous?

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