Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Obsession with Rulers

Mentally, I somewhat divide my work into the Neo-Victorian pieces and my more eclectic pieces. These are more on the eclectic side. 

I am in love with old typography: old books, advertising, letters, and rulers. I have collected a number of vintage carpenter's folding rulers. I like the quirkiness of using them in jewelry. It's the unexpected contrast that appeals to me.

I slice the rulers on my bandsaw (I just love power tools). Then I sand all the edges smooth and wax them with beeswax to protect them and enhance the beauty of the wood.

Here's a pair with one of my domed disks with the lady figure.
assemblage earrings with vintage domed charm and vintage ruler

 The brass pieces on this pair I salvaged from a worn out belt. I love the worn look of the ruler.
assemblage earrings with recycled belt rivets and vintage ruler

 Here's a contemporary version of pearl earrings. Great for someone like me who would normally never wear pearl earrings. 
assemblage earrings vintage ruler and pearls

And one more with champagne pearls. I wear a pair of these a lot and get lots of comments.
assemblage earrings with recycled pearls

 Ah, tassels again. I do love tassels. 
assemblage earrings with recycled materials

These are all made of recycled components.

Did you know that some artificial pearls are made of glass which is covered with a concoction containing fish scales (for their luster) called essence d'Orient?. 

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