Saturday, July 20, 2013

Eclectic Necklace (I told you I couldn't wait to make something with my paper beads.)

Remember when I made all these wire-wrapped paper beads? 
my handmade wire-wrapped paper beads

 So here's what I made today.
vintage assemblage necklace

 Here's one of the paper beads. I also used two vintage brass buttons that I hammered and drilled on my monster drill press. And added vintage pearls.
vintage brass buttons

 This is the hinge from an antique carpenter's folding ruler. I used my bandsaw to cut the ruler, then sanded all the edges, and waxed the wood with beeswax. Then I suspended a very old key underneath.
necklace with antique key, vintage ruler,

 I love the patina of age on the key. And the great shape - why can't keys look like this now?
antique key

 See how it looks on my manikin. I love the colors of the recycled ruler. And the textural contrast with the vintage pearls. I'll have to take this one out for a test drive soon and see what people say.
vintage assemblage necklace.

I remember playing with my Dad's old folding ruler in the garage. I used to love to fold it and unfold it. And make shapes with it. 

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