Monday, July 8, 2013

In a Victorian Mood...

So the urge to make jewelry came over me recently. I like to pick out a piece of jewelry, bead, buckle, or other random item. Then I use that piece as a focal point and choose the other parts to revolve around the first piece. So I chose a Victorian cut steel shoe clip to use as the focal point for a bracelet.

assemblage bracelet

I added a vintage chandelier crystal in the middle of the clip. I love the sparkle of the crystal against the patina and age of the shoe clip.

assemblage bracelet with Victorian cut steel shoe clip and vintage chandelier crystal

And a Victorian brass shank button as a dangle. This way the bracelet is adjustable in size. And it leaves the pretty mother of pearl button to swing from the bracelet. I always like jewelry that has motion. I think it draws the eye in.
assemblage bracelet with brass shank Victorian mother of pearl MOP button

Here's a final peek...

Victorian assemblage bracelet

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