Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eclectic Star Button Necklace

Since I finished my wire-wrapped paper beads, I've been dying to make some more jewelry with them. It's funny how creativity begets creativity. While I'm making a necklace with the paper beads, I get more ideas for future necklaces. 

Anyway, here's my most recent creative output.
assemblage necklace with star button

 The beads are all recycled from necklaces, and I upcycled the etched circle in the center from a vintage belt.
assemblage necklace with star button

 I love the brass star button. I hammered it to flatten it some and drilled it for hanging. The paper bead is made from a page in a vintage book that had yellowed beautifully.
assemblage necklace with paper button

I love how all the colors and textures play so well together. And it hangs so gracefully.
assemblage necklace with star button

When America first began manufacturing brass, buttons were the first brass items to be produced. The buttons were then traded by itinerant peddlers.

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