Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Assemblage Earrings with More Paper Beads

Just made this pair of earrings with more of the paper beads. I like the antique brass chain with the black and white beads and the dark pearl.
assemblage earrings

I love the color of the pearls against my rusted antique fence piece. The earrings are resting on a giant stylized leaf shape in the center of the panel.
assemblage earrings

 This pair is nice and colorful - perfect for spring and summer. It features beads made from book pages that I marbled. All the beads were recycled from a lightbulb cover. 
recycled earrings paper beads

 And one last look. 
colorful assemblage earrings

When electric lighting was new, ceiling lights were bare bulbs and were very bright. To soften the glare, people covered the bulbs with beads woven into a mesh with wire. Since then bulb covers have come in and out of fashion as an accessory rather than a necessity.

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