Friday, July 26, 2013

How do you get earrings from antique theatrical vests?

I've told you about my antique theatrical vests. Some of them are beginning to fall apart, and I have salvaged some gorgeous metal components from them. I love that they are from before 1930 - the age gives them a beautiful patina. And that they're from New York. Who knows what shows these may have been worn in. 

So here are some earrings that I made with these very historic parts. 
These brass rings came from one of the antique vests. I added these beads that are probably agate.
upcycled assemblage earrings

Since I use recycled jewelry parts, I can't be sure they are agate, but they certainly look like it.
antique brass hoops with recycled agate bead earrings

 These textured copper hoops also were salvaged from one of the antique vests. The faceted beads dangling in the center are much more beautiful than the photos can convey. They are from a 1940's era graduated glass bead necklace. I have seen a number of these necklaces, and the color of these is unique. 
recycled assemblage earrings

 It doesn't photograph well, but the beads are a subtle grayish lavender. It's quite faint but lovely. And it contrasts well with the shades of copper. 
antique hammered brass hoops with 1930's faceted glass bead earrings

Copper has been used by man for 10,000 years. A copper pendant has been found in Iraq that dates to 8700 BC. Because copper is so beautiful, it was represented by the goddess of love in Greek and Roman mythology.

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