Friday, July 12, 2013

Ever Been Inspired by a Color?

Sometimes something just grabs my attention, an obscure bit buried in one of my printer's cabinets that catches my eye. That happened to me today with this bead. It's some kind of semi-precious stone. Maybe jade or aventurine. But since I recycle the vast majority of my components, I'm not always certain what they're made of. 

This particular bead is such a subtle shade that I knew I had to design a necklace around it. 

assemblage necklace with green jade bead

Digging through my drawers I found this piece of a  Victorian bracelet. There is a hint of silver in the link that complements the bead beautifully.

assemblage necklace with green jade bead recycled materials

Then I finished with the vintage tassel. It makes a long necklace that hangs gracefully in your decolletage. 

assemblage necklace with upcycled green jade bead and vintage tassel and bracelet link

I am really pleased with how this turned out. Simple yet elegant.

assemblage necklace with green jade bead

Isn't it fascinating how color can affect you? My living room is goldenrod yellow, and I love it. It makes me smile when I look at it because it's so cheerful. I think that's why I like the jade bead so much - it feels calm and serene.

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