Saturday, July 13, 2013

Recycling Dated Earrings

Since I buy box lots of jewelry at auctions and estate sales, I have acquired a number of dated earrings. Sometimes you can take one part of the old earrings and combine them with other elements to create something entirely new.

On this pair, the silver and black enamel piece at the bottom was part of the old pair. I added vintage leverback ear wires, vintage pearl and faceted glass beads. 
assemblage earrings with upcycled filigree earrings, vintage crystals and pearls

I really liked the next part - the blue moonstone prong set on a ridged oval base. I added a blue tone pearl to complement the blue moonstone and a vintage creamy pearl that coordinates beautifully with the gold tones.
assemblage earrings with upcycled moonstone earrings and vintage pearls

You can see the moonstones better in this picture. 
assemblage earrings with upcycled moonstone earrings, vintage pearls

When you spend time creatively, it is so interesting to see how it affects you. I find that my brain starts overflowing with design ideas. And I just want to make more and more things. In fact I haven't even gone to the store for days. We are out of milk, bread, and just about everything else. The pantry is so bare that my eighteen year old son even offered to go to the store tomorrow. So that's what it takes! No, I'm just kidding; he's a great kid.

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