Monday, July 22, 2013

Another Necklace with a Marbled Paper Bead

I'm still having fun using the wire-wrapped paper beads that I made. This time I used one that was made from a page from a book that I marbled by hand on my front porch. Overlooking our beautiful mini park. So I feel that it is full of good energy.
assemblage necklace with marbled paper bead

 I added these carved bone rose beads and stone beads that look like jasper to me. Like most of my materials, they are recycled. So I cannot be certain what they are made of.
closeup of vintage ruler and recycled beads

 I added a piece of a vintage carpenter's rule. I used my bandsaw to cut it, then sanded and waxed it with beeswax to enhance the wood. I'm often amused by the reactions people have to my jewelry with rulers. Evidently you either get it (and love it) or you don't get it at all. And age doesn't seem to predict which camp you belong to.
closeup of marbleized paper bead and vintage ruler

 This picture gives you a better look at the marbled paper bead. And the recycled acrylic teardrop dangle. 
assemblage necklace made of vintage parts

 Here you can see how all the colors work together.  I love necklaces that dangle in the decolletage. It's very alluring.
assemblage necklace

The word Jasper means "spotted or speckled" stone. 

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