Thursday, July 18, 2013

Obsessed with Making Paper Beads

Sometimes I joke with my daughter that I have artistic ADD. I tend to focus intensively on one project for a short period of time. Then I get distracted and move on to another. Last summer I got obsessed with marbling paper. I marbled the paper on the front porch of my hundred year old bungalow overlooking our beautiful park. It was great!

I'm sure my neighbors thought I was crazy because I had pages and pages of marbled paper hanging to dry on the porch. But it was way too messy to do inside. First I marbled all the good art paper I had in stock. Then it occurred to me that book pages would look beautiful marbled. Since I collect broken down antique and vintage books to use for art, I started marbling pages out of my books. So I now have stacks of marbled paper ready to use. 

Then I got obsessive again and starting making paper beads. I made the beads out of old book pages, vintage atlas pages, and some of the marbled papers and book pages. This weekend we went on a five hour trip to help my father-in-law celebrate his eightieth birthday. So I used the time in the car to wire wrap my paper beads. I think it makes them look more finished.

See I told you that I get slightly obsessed; I couldn't make just a few paper beads. LOL
making paper beads

Here's a closeup view. Aren't they pretty? They just make me happy!
closeup paper beads

Here are some of the beads made from a vintage atlas. I like to use atlases that date to at least the 1950's. The colors were better then, more subtle. 
 beads made from a vintage atlas

 These were made with the hand marbled papers or book pages. 
paper beads handmade from hand marbled papers or book pages

 And a better view so you can really see the marbling. Isn't it gorgeous? See how I could get obsessed with making more and more marbled paper?
hand marbled papers or book pages beads

Here are the antique and vintage book pages. I love the colors of the ones that have aged.
 antique and vintage book pages paper beads

 The aged bead with the large type in the bottom right quadrant is from an old dictionary. I love typography, especially old typography.
closeup  antique and vintage book pages beads

Now I have to go make some goodies with all the beads I finished. 

Victorian ladies in the late 1800's and early 1900's made paper beads. At that time handiwork was considered a proper way for a lady to pass the time. Maybe times haven't changed that much. Just kidding!

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